Vendor agnostic cloud solution to tackle
GxP and HIPAA needs

CloudEz to manage your preferred toppings on your Cloud platter

Life sciences enterprises opt “best-in-breed” cloud adoption which is more like one big pizza with different toppings on each slice. Through this strategy, enterprise may get the best out of different cloud vendors, but managing this multi cloud environment will be a challenge. A vendor agnostic framework to handle multiple cloud vendors like AWS, GCP and Azure or any hybrid environment, will aid Life Science enterprises to focus on their core business values rather than haggling around the infrastructure management issues! In this point of view (POV) paper, you will understand:

  • Why do you need a vendor agnostic framework to manage your multi & hybrid cloud environment
  • How to achieve continuous GxP/HIPAA compliance and security through a framework approach
  • The essential features of Cloud Management Framework

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