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Top Health IT Issues You Should Be Aware Of

Information Technology (IT) as a major role in refining the facilities of healthcare industry to improve patient care and organize vast quantity of health related data. Over several years, the healthcare across country has seen remarkable growth with the help of IT. So both the public and private healthcare sectors are making use of IT to meet their new requirements and standards. Though IT is playing an important role to improve excellence in patient care, increase efficiency and reduce cost, there are certain Health It issues that you should to be aware of and should fix them:


New database and related tools are needed to manage huge amount of data and improve patient care. So, using non-relational database will help to manage and make proper use of vast amount of healthcare data. This database type is perfect for information that is structured easily but they can’t handle unstructured data (like records, clinical notes, etc.). But relational databases (like electronic health records (EHR)) organize data into tables or rows or force information into predefined groups. However, with non-relational databases it is easy to analyze different data forms and avoid rigid structure.

Mobile Healthcare and Data Security

With change in financial incentives and growth of mobile healthcare technology, the patient care would shift to the consumer. Thus, providing care is easy from anywhere and anytime with mobility. Also to reduce the money spent on health plans, additional tools are allied for wellness and disease management programs. However, cyber security issues are the biggest threat. As breaching the data would cost huge financial loss. It is necessary to take action to prevent breaches as this is a major issue.

With increase in mobility of healthcare, it is must to introduce a mobile/BYOD that would help avoid data breaching and privacy intrusion.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The HIE will help sharing of healthcare data between healthcare organizations. Different concerns related to healthcare policy and standard should be analyzed before implementing such exchanges as sensitive data is at risk.

Wireless Network and Telemedicine

Wireless networking is mandatory for the employees of healthcare industry to avail the medical facilities. To transfer the old health IT services to adopt wireless access could be an expensive and challenging option due to structural limitations. Also the wireless issue continues to be an obstacle for telemedicine adoption. The varying state policies on telemedicine use and reimbursement continue to restrict this emerging technique.

Data analysis

It owns a major role in assisting, treating and preventing illness and providing quality care to people. To implement a data analysis system which offers secure data storage and easy access would be an expensive and robust task.

Cloud System

The cloud system is answerable to many questions with respect to data ownership, security and encryption. To fix the cloud related issues, some providers are experimenting with cloud-based EHR systems while others build their own private cloud.

The necessity and requirement of health IT is increasing every day. Though health IT has become a major phenomenon, we should always remember that challenges would continue to intrude as they progress. So be aware and keep yourself updated with the top health IT issues and tackle them.

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