Tale of how a Fortune 50 Giant got the right Identity Access Partner

As organizations constantly seek to expand their market reach and attract new business opportunities, identity management ( specifically SSO, User provisioning and Management) has evolved as an enabling technology to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency. As the shift to cloud-based services increases, identity management capabilities can be delivered as hosted services to help drive more operational efficiency and to improve business agility. A Fortune 50 Giant designed and developed a Cloud based Identity Management Solution and proposed an opportunity to existing and prospective SaaS Vendors to have a tie up with its product to test and make the product live as a full-fledged Single Sign-on Solution. 8KMiles being a Cloud based Identity Services company accepted to fulfill the Client requirement.
This company opted for 8KMiles, the most preferred choice, because 8KMiles is a State of the Art Solution provider that practiced Scrum Methodology. 8KMiles never hesitated to take up any ad-hoc requirements because of their industry specific team of experts who are ready to offer 24/7 development support system. 8KMiles thus pitched in to help the client by finding their Pain Points & AS-IS Scenarios. Later 8KMiles worked extensively to collaborate with their company and its respective SAAS Vendors to:
1. Establish formal Business Relationship with SaaS Vendors
2. Pre-qualify SaaS Vendor
3. Configure SaaS Application for Partner company on Identity Cloud Service SAML SSO integration, Test and Certify
4. Prepare IDP Metadata
5. Establish a stringent QA process
6. Complete Documentation
a. Confirmance and interoperability test report
b. SAML SSO Technical documentation
c. A video explaining the steps involved in the integration
d. Provide metadata configuration and mapping attributes details
7. Build Monitoring Tool
8. Adopt Quality Assurance with 2 level Testings (Manual & Automation)
9. Configure, integrate, troubleshoot, monitor and produce reports using 8KMiles MISPTM tool.

Thus, 8KMiles enabled this Fortune 50 Biggie to attain the following business benefits:
• Refinement of user self-service functionalities
• Activation users & groups and linking SaaS applications to the user accounts in the cloud
• Enablement of SSO to these SaaS Apps & enable user access via SAML2.0
• Usage of OAuth 2.0 to authorize changes to configuration.
• Adoption & Testing of different methods of SSO for the same SaaS App
• Documentation of the process in a simplistic manner
• Automation to test & report on all aspects of the integration without human involvement
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Author Credit:  Ramprasshanth Vishwanathan, Senior Business Analyst- IAM SBU