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We make it easy to move your mission critical, compliant and regulated workloads to the Cloud. Our Secure Cloud Framework provides comprehensive security that surpasses even the most stringent security regulations. Enterprises can now confidently move their regulated workloads to public clouds like AWS, Azure and IBM.


Virtual Private Cloud

Critical workloads migrating to Public clouds will be isolated using Virtual Private Cloud. Security components like NACL, Security Groups, Subnets, VPC Peering, Transit Gateway, VPC endpoints and VPN access will be provisioned for secure access to the application.

Perimeter security

Protect your public cloud against outside threats by using firewalls, WAF, IPS, IDS solutions from your favorite providers.

Security Standards

8K Miles Secure Cloud Framework builds a VPC in the public cloud that is compliant with (FISMA) moderate security level, (PCI) security standard,(SOC) 1 standard, and is fully compliant with the HIPAA standards. If you are looking to migrate your regulated workloads to the public cloud you can rest assured 8K Miles has you covered.


Our Secure Cloud Framework automates and simplifies migrating to the cloud. Our cloud templates, configuration management tools and secure scripts can have you up and running in no time.

Identity Management

8K Miles has been in the IDM domain since its inception and has expertise to help you run and operate your entire user provisioning, access management and governance reporting solutions across private, hybrid and public clouds.


Security incident and event management puts Big Data to use with real-time operational intelligence.

Data Protection

When it comes to Data security is top priority. Whether at rest or in motion 8K Miles has the solutions to help insure your data is protected and meets the most stringent security compliance and regulations.

VM Encryption

We offer tools to encrypt your Cloud VM volumes and allow you to store the keys On-Premise or in the Cloud HSM service.

Learn more about 8K Miles Secured Framework

Watch this 20 minute video presented @ AWS summit to see how 8K Miles can help you run scalable workloads on public cloud

Use Cases


HIPAA compliant cloud solutions – your prescription for Cloud success


Integrated and Scalable PCI compliant secured solutions for your financial data


FISMA compliant Cloud solutions

Regulated industry

Meets all the security compliance required for highly regulated industry