EzMFA - Multi-factor
Authentication-as-a-Service (MFAaaS)

An advanced authentication solution for governing Enterprise applications
by adding an extra layer of protection during user authentication.
  • Protects your Enterprise Applications
  • Contains user-friendly MFA Console
  • Supports both On-Premise & Cloud

Increasing security threats, gaps in data protection efforts as well as evolving business need, emphasize the requirement for an advanced multi-factor authentication solution for enterprise application hosted on-premise or cloud.

8K Miles helps enterprises by reinforcing security with a centralized on-premises and cloud multi-factor authentication solution across the identities and resources.

EzMFA – An advanced multi-factor authentication solution for Enterprise Applications

8K Miles' EzMFA (MFAaaS Model) is an independent authentication system specifically designed to secure the Application that depends on MFAaaS Model. It provides a higher level of assurance to its customers by effectively protecting their Enterprise applications.

Highlights of EzMFA

Organizations can now easily add an extra layer of security or a multi-factor authentication to their Enterprise apps on top of the existing username-password credentials using EzMFA MFAaaS Model plugin.

Combines the power of a 360-degree Multi-Factor Authentication solution providing extensible support for both On-Premise &
Cloud systems.

Provides advanced authentication with one or more combinations of Google Authenticator, Legacy SMS OTP, Email OTP, Face Recognition or Finger print, which is one-of-a-kind
offering in the market.

Helps enterprises maintain business agility with an anti-theft solution while minimizing administrative overhead.

Supported Authentication Factors for EzMFA

Face Detection

Provides a user-friendly feature that uses various facial data points to precisely authenticate a user while logging in.

Fingerprint Authentication

Ensures successful login to Enterprise application upon successful Fingerprint authentication.


Allows users to access Enterprise application upon verification of OTP sent to registered email address and mobile number.


Enables users to securely access any number of online services with single security key rapidly.

Google Authenticator

Implements Time-based One-time Password (OTP) Algorithm for authenticating end users.

Mobile Tap

Verifies users with a tap from their mobile device, to access various enterprise applications.

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