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Public Cloud adoption is becoming a rapidly growing trend. Cloud computing has transformed remarkably from being a cost reduction tool to a massive game changer as enterprises are embracing and adapting its manifold advantages of agility and elasticity, continuity and collaboration and, control and compliance. In the upcoming years, 70% of Enterprise IT budgets will be committed towards Cloud Infrastructure, platforms, software and applications services. Enterprises are under peer pressure to make Cloud transition a top priority in the technology roadmap. Enterprises and its businesses are nowadays assembled together as services, applications,API and systems that are delivered every day using agile processes. Cloud has increased the agility of software development and deployment rapidly.

This “transition to the Cloud” also poses questions like “What are the effective ways managing the infrastructure resource?”, “How to ensure
continuous Security on cloud?”, “How to measure and control costs?”. From enterprise standpoint, they need accountability, comprehensibility, automated checks, cost control mechanisms, bind compliance and governance standards, etc. for their Cloud infrastructure and services. Nonetheless, when it comes to practical implementations, these questions and challenges which are often  least acknowledged and overlooked

With this, it is also important to note that companies should choose right Cloud management solutions for their operations and managed services that will help support the transition and address the above challenges.

While many Enterprises are adopting Cloud,there are only a few solutions that understands Cloud dynamics deeply and provide a comprehensive answer to overcome the above challenges. We introduced a one such solution. “Automaton” as part of the CloudEz portfolio last year, a platform solution that alows Companies to manage their Cloud expeditiously with objectives of Security, Cost and Performance. Automaton comes from 8K Miles, a company born and bred in Cloud, helps enterprises capitalize Cloud in a secure, compliant, automated and agile manner.

What is Automaton?

Automaton is a Cloud platform developed by 8K Miles and used by regulated Enterprises in Pharma, Life Sciences industry. Automaton’s innovative and holistic approach guarantees Enterprises continuous best practices that are adhered to industry standards at their Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure.

Highlights of Automaton

what-is-caas   Powered by Rules Engine that can identify issues in the Cloud
what-is-caas   Reduces infrastructure operational activities by automating recurring activities
what-is-caas   Designed as customize service that can be deployed on Customer AWS account for better security
what-is-caas   End to end life cycle management across all regions and any number of AWS accounts at any scale
what-is-caas   Engages Cloud management by implementing industry standard best practices in AWS infrastructure maintenance
what-is-caas   Provides continuous security and monitoring through intelligent programs
what-is-caas   Impose industry specific standards and infrastructure policies through continuous monitoring
what-is-caas   Support for Popular Compliance standards
what-is-caas   Integration with widely implemented ITSM tools at managed services