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Cloud-ID broker is a unique secure service that manages the identities from disparate applications and providers and offers last-mile SSO options.



We offer a single federated connection to SaaS applications hosted by cloud or service providers. Our web-based dashboard allows you to easily configure trust partnership between multiple third party SaaS providers.


Centralized logging and reporting, monitoring, protocol and token translation, attribute mapping, and auditing.The broker can also be extended to connect with an extensive number of SaaS services.

Ease of Use

Cloud-Id Broker provides a single pane of glass approach to manage and configure multiple entities.

Multi-Protocol Support

Provides multi-protocol support and token translation – (SAML, OAuth, OpenID, WS-Fed and API-based providers).

Authenticating Authority

Allows the administrator to select the authenticating authority, whether it’s the enterprise hub or a social network like Facebook. The required attributes are passed and mapped from the Authenticating Authority/Provider.

Reporting Capabilities

Cloud-ID Broker can generate transaction reports, authentication and audit trail reports helping you maintain a clear track of all transactions happening within the platform.

Data Protection

When it comes to Data security is top priority. Whether at rest or in motion 8K Miles has the solutions to help insure your data is protected and meets the most stringent security compliance and regulations.

Endpoint integration

Provides a rich set of features to integrate/communicate with end customers who do not have capabilities to host federation infrastructures. Support for both Agent based and Agent-less models.

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Use Cases


Integrating with cloud id broker can communicate/connect to multiple pharmaceutical companies which can aid doctors to look up medicines from the listed ones.


Supports multiple application realms with attribute mapping


Provides secure last-mile integration


Passes attributes by URL, header or JSON object