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Whether you have an existing web application, or looking to have a fresh face on your new application, 8K Miles provides innovative UI services through its acquisition Cintel Systems. With deep expertise in user behavior,We provide engaging experiences.

UX Redesign
  • Increase user engagement with your application or website by a complete redesign of the user experience
User Centered
  • Our user-centric design services provides easier navigation and faster access to critical data
  • We collaborate with our clients to understand their team’s “day in the life” behavior to guide the layout, colors and other attributes of web applications.
UI Upgrades
  • Refresh your existing applications by upgrading the UI with newer technologies
Data Driven
  • Access to information is the primary goal of business applications. Ensuring your employees get the right information when they need it is our focus.
  • Instead of designing app interfaces for appearance alone, we work to ensure business objectives remain a top priority
  • We benchmark your application’s user interface and user experience against other highly usable, comparable applications and provide you a comprehensive report
Usability Testing
  • Increase user engagement with your application or website by a complete redesign of the user experience

What you can look for

Responsive Design

Your field sales and customer facing employees often prefer a browser based UI on their smartphone or tablet

Adaptive Design

Even on your internal network, latency can discourage employees from working at their best. Our apps are optimized to run fast!

Look & Feel Design

Connecting your brand, building role based context, and establishing integrity

Quality Guaranteed

We stand behind our work – providing a sixty day guarantee on amending imperfections or omissions

Front end Coding

We use CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript – modern coding languages innovative apps

Wire frames

The user experience built on wireframes ensures the user experience is intuitive and attractive

User Testing

Once we have completed the UI process, we ensure you attain your strategic goals

Behavior Stimulation

By mimicking a user’s “day in the life” behaviors during the design processes your app is more effective



Extend your brand into your application – inspire your team to be proud of their contribution

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows your mobile users to communicate more effectively with the home office

Business Benefits

Ensure your users provide reliable, substantive information for business continuity and collaboration


When your users can access information quickly, their productivity increases