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Taking a product from the idea stage, through to a minimum viable product, can be a difficult journey. Fleshing out the features, benefits, and unique value proposition of a software application requires experience, perspective, and a specialized skillset. 8K Miles, through its acquisition of Cintel Systems, provides product development services.

Customer Focused
  • Having completed many product development projects, we have industry expertise which we bring to the table that can expedite the process of getting your product from concept to reality.
  • We help our clients avoid the pitfalls, obstacles and delays of developing your own product, or contracting with an inexperienced designer. We understand the full development lifecycle.
User Centered
  • Our user-centric design services provides easier navigation and faster access to critical data
  • We collaborate with our clients to understand their team’s “day in the life” behavior to guide the layout, colors and other attributes of web applications.
Industry Insights
  • Our wealth of experience within many industry verticals helps us understand what works, what doesn’t, and the buying criteria of industry players.
  • Product development doesn’t stop at the point where you contract your first client. You need to support them, ensure their satisfaction, and enhance your product based on their feedback. We can help you through design, testing and support.
Pacakaged Services and Methodology
  • We have already blazed trails and found the shortcuts through application development journeys. We follow a defined methodology, and an iterative design process to avoid mistakes, expedite processes, and ensure successful product launches.
  • Releasing a business application before it is ready for prime time can destroy your company’s credibility. Multiple delays can make you miss your opportunity. Ready. Set. Test. Launch. Succeed.


Define Ideal Customer Personal

Starting with your concept, identify the fundamental success criteria for-Product selection, Return on Investment expectations, Development of a unique value proposition, Customer satisfaction

Quality Guaranteed

Our cyclical process of Design, Development, Testing, Support and re-engineering ensures your product launches only when it is proven ready for the marketplace

User Centric

We manage the User Experience and User Interface design process attributes like branding, mobility, role-specific functions, and ease of navigation.

Market Surveys

As well as interviewing beta testing users, we consult with potential industry clients to seek out value added features and benefits we can leverage to enhance product value.

Production and Support

When your product seems ready for the last phase of production, our work isn’t complete. We work with your team through the production, and post-production project phases.


We document the usability of the product, and testing process to ensure the product achieves the initial project goals

Internal Support Readiness

Companies want their product to be successful, but making sure they are able to support the customers who buy their product is critical.

Behaviors Simulation

By realistically simulating how users would interact with your product, the final product will have a higher propensity to succeed

Use Cases

Responsive Design

Support the “Go-To-Market” or General Availability launch, and support the initial support phase of a contracted time period for sustainability.


Develop a product prototype, ensure the prototype meets the objectives defined in the initial concept phase.

Business benefits

Ensure your people, processes and technology are ready for your product launch


When your users can access information quickly, their productivity increases