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Let our expertise work for you. It’s not just about technology, it’s knowing and understanding the domain and future trends to help meet your security needs.




  • Gain clear insight to your existing IAM Environment
  • Understand your business unit requirements
  • Define a multiyear strategy that meets your business objectives




  • Domain expertise across all IAM technologies
  • Our IAM consults help you compare and recommend technologies
  • Technology whiteboard sessions assist in clarifying needs and identifying technologies




  • Analyze your existing environment to maximize your IDM investment
  • Compare SaaS, Hosted and On Premise alternatives
  • Recommendations and plans for upgrading your existing Infrastructure
Audit Review


  • Solutions to help you eliminate Audit gaps
  • Remediation plans




  • Expertise across all technologies makes upgrading easy
  • Maximize your investment by helping you decide when it’s best to upgrade


IAM Trends


  • Understand todays best practices in IAM
  • What technologies and methodologies are at the forefront
  • How is a mobile and global workforce affecting your ability to manage, your users


Cloud, Hybrid, or On Prem


  • Capex or Opex we have solutions to meet your financial needs
  • Advisory services help guide you to a solution that’s best for you
  • Maximize your IDM investment



To thrive in today’s business environment you need to be nimble, react to your business needs and scale on demand. Can your business do that? Our assessment service can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and provide a comprehensive plan to fortify your IDM infrastructure that will exceed your business demands


Little is more important that having a solid strategy. Our team will help you build an IDM strategy than takes into account your needs and concerns of today as well years down the line

Health Check

Already started or implemented an Identity solution and know need to now if you are keeping up. Our health check assessment can help you understand if you are maximizing your Identify investment.

Technology Review

As domain experts we have a comprehensive understanding of each of the technologies strengths and weaknesses. Our technology review can provide recommendations or comparisons that will fortify your identity.

Learn more about 8KMiles Secure Cloud Framework

Watch this 20 minute video presented @ AWS summit to see how 8KMiles can help you run scalable workloads on public cloud

Cloud Benefits

Governance Gap Analysis

Reduce risk by identifying excessive, out dated or erroneous entitlements

Identity Workshop

Explore critical issues concerning user access management. Take away a solid understanding of your environment and ways to quickly improve your security posture and user experience.

Migration Assesment

Is the Cloud right for you? our migration assessment will look at your current IDM deployment and business needs to help determine if the Cloud is right for you

Roadmap to Success

Our team of experts are here to assist with all your security and Cloud needs. Let’s know how we can help.