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Why Cloud Data Analytics ?

Rapid growing enterprises demand avenues to both store and manage their ever-scaling data. This humongous data obtained from disparate sources are both in structured and in unstructured form. Using traditional or manual methods to streamline and organize this huge data to extract maximum business insights is tedious and are also prone to errors.

While Cloud is the obvious choice of Enterprises to store the growing data, Cloud computing for streamlining & consolidating Big Data, Cloud Data Analytics will ensure that the right analysis of data on wider scale will be made to make in-time business decisions.


8K Miles offers cutting edge Cloud Data Analytics Services to drive 360-degree Cloud transformation and gain competitive advantage by enabling enterprises to predict behavioural patterns, foretell product trends, enhance customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions. Our Cloud analytics solutions aids organizations to automate and quicken the reporting, planning and consolidation processes.

Our Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Our AI and ML experts harness the innovative Cloud technologies and New Age Algorithms to derive insights from complex Big Data. We develop and refine Artificial Intelligence & machine learning solutions for your real-world large-scale problems. Our Cloud Data Analytics services span across various public cloud vendors like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM and so on.



Natural Language Processing has revolutionized the human-machine interaction by utilizing layman’s data ecosystem for processing user commands instead of expecting a user to deploy a language understandable by the machine to do the same. Our NLP services include data acquisition, processing and analytics, to draw meaningful insights from any form of data. – e.g. advanced sentiment analysis, topic modelling, information extraction,
question answering, chat bots, etc.


We obtain rich information from images and videos to sort and process visual data. We apply major deep learning methods, including neural network training, regularization, optimization to build AI-powered solutions to achieve machine-assisted moderation of images.


Predictive Analytics

We are experts in building advanced models from structured and unstructured data to forecast predictions for making better business decisions– e.g. patient treatment decision, hospital length of stay, sales analysis,
promotion analysis etc.


Our IoT services focus on delivering innovative solutions for Enterprises to convert their needs into competitive acumens. Our services range from integrating the relevant sensors to extracting necessary information and deriving business insights.


Industries we Focus

Pharma and Healthcare Industry

There is huge amount of data that is being generated in the
life sciences industry and often the challenge lies is managing them processing them to gain the right insights….


The buying pattern of a millennial consumer is completely different
compared to what it was a decade back. Modern online/ offline shopper
have access to compare and get the best value…

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