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Why Retail Data Analytics ?

The buying pattern of a millennial consumer is completely different compared to what it was a decade back. Modern online/offline shopper have access to compare and get the best value out of their spending. So new-age retailers have to deep understand their customer behaviour, analyse their demands and satisfaction level to ensure consumer loyalty by competitive pricing, efficient demand & supply.

Retailers now have huge volume of data at granular level from multiple sources. In the past, they could not have done much with this data either because of the cost involved in getting any value out it or due to lack of right technology & tools to do anything with the data. However, the situation is not same anymore because modern Retailers with the help of Cloud can have huge volume of single truth of data collected from various sources. Retailers can effectively use this huge volume of data to grow their business by getting useful insights on various key elements.

Our past experience in sales analysis, price index analysis and recommendation, forecasting of sales, forecasting of next customer purchase, out of stock analysis and market basket analysis has aided retail enterprises achieve business driven goals.

Retail Data Customer Analytics

Retail Data Customer Analytics solutions and services will enable to capture both online and offline trails of your customers and prospects. The aim is to understand micro details beyond just demographics and user preferences. This includes lifestyle preferences, potential to cross sell or up-sell and so on.

  • Deeper understanding of customer behaviour
  • Targeted offers
  • Up selling and cross selling related products based of customer preferences
  • Loyalty Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Optimization of Customer segmentation
  • Micro customization of product portfolio suiting customer preferences
  • Customer care satisfactions analysis
  • Social analysis
  • Path to Purchase Consumer Insights
  • Merchandising and assortment based on the Brand equity Analysis
  • Personalized and customized ads or sale to target audience through micro segmentation

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