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Predictive Analytics

From guesswork to prediction, we help you to understand the future demands with our forward looking insights.

Benefits of Contracting 8K Miles for your Big Data Analytics Problems

  • Over 30+ Big data Analytics engagements successfully completed using Public clouds
  • Price Prediction and Out of stock Analysis solution for Retail using Amazon Redshift
  • Wealth Recommendations for Private banking using R, MapReduce, Scala and Apache Spark
  • IP and Port Spam analytics using Apache Spark, cassandra and graph database
  • Click Stream, Cohort, Attribution analysis for Ad Tech using Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Spot EC2 instances
  • Clinical research organization analytics using Amazon RedShift, Tableau
  • Video recommendations using supervised learning and collaborative filtering
Acceleration kits

Our Big data acceleration kit is comprised of Custom + Industry tools to accelerate analytics using the public cloud.
Tools include Big Data Analytics pipelines, Data migration, Parallel loads, WAN accelerators, Spot EC2 Management tools etc. The Acceleration Kits help us to solve problems faster, and more effectively than our competitors.


Consumer demand for apps is growing exponentially. Our DevOps team can keep your content relevant and put you on a path of continuous application improvement. We will help you achieve Faster Time-to-Market, lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership, Automated Provisioning and Automated Testing on cloud.

  • Experts in using public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google and IBM for solving Big Data problems
  • Specialized in Amazon RedShift, Teradata, MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL technologies
  • Solved problems using Predictive Analytics and Machine learning using R, Python, Sci/Py Kit

8K Miles boasts one of the largest teams of AWS and Azure certified practitioners in the industry. Our deep domain expertise assures success for your business initiatives

What we offer

Unstructured Data

Revolutionize the way you do the business – Win the challenges of agility and profitability by optimizing and leveraging the benefits of the contemporary cloud. Analyse and mine critical information from unstructured data using MapReduce, Hadoop and Spark and cloud computing.

Machine Learning

Experts in building successful predictive analysis models using machine learning techniques for retail, media and pharma industries. Close the gap between insight and big data. Make your information work for you, make strategic decisions, not reactive.

Enterprise DW

Help enterprise migrate and optimize from Traditional DW to low cost Cloud Dataware house like Amazon RedShift


Architect, engineer and manage Big Data NoSQL like Cassandra, MongoDB and Hbase stores for your application

Search Intelligence

Solutions to power your search with intelligence and Machine learning. Understand user search behavior and increase results effectiveness. Tools to migrate and manage custom search systems to Elasticsearch, Apache Solr and Amazon CloudSearch


Analyze your customer behavior, help you to measure which ad-campaigns are paying off, perform click stream analysis and achieve a better ROI by increasing the performance


High Performance computing automation, security and managed services for Drug discovery and modeling on cloud for Biotech, Pharma and life sciences


Augment your team with our consultants and solutions to ensure success.

Learn how 8K Miles solved a customer problem using Big Data Predictive Analytics

Watch this presentation to see how 8K Miles has helped a AD Technology company with click stream analysis using Amazon ElasticMapReduce and Spot Instances

Use Cases


Increase search results and add recommendations to market places and classifieds. Analytics is all about what you spend and how you spend- We help you track your productivity


8K Miles helps retail enterprises with price prediction and out-of-stock analysis using cloud


Wealth recommendation and predictive models using machine learning and cloud


Sentiment analysis for CRO and Pharmaceutical industry