8KMiles Cloud Connect 2013- Lock Stock and x Smoking EC2’s

This Slide was presented @ Cloud Connect 2013. Lock, Stock and X Smoking EC2’s was by inspired by Guy Ritchie movies. It describes how we put Amazon EMR + Spot EC2 instances to use for a customer and achieved cost savings while solving a Big Data problem.

8KMiles Cloud Connect 2012:How Enterprises are leveraging Mobile Cloud Computing

This slide was presented by Harish Ganesan at Cloud Connect 2012. Mobile App development is big business and everyone from graduate students to large corporations are making huge investments. The key to good app development – is engagement and architecture. One of the ways to keep users engaged is to keep data fresh at all times, which requires a strong mobile backend that is both scalable and always on. This requires cloud. Join Harish Ganesan as he talks about how enterprises are leveraging Cloud for mobile applications to provide dynamic, feature rich applications without breaking the bank. This session will be beneficial for enterprise product managers, technology and innovation leaders, mobile app architects and anyone interested in understanding how cloud computing can deliver unique experiences to end users with minimal cost and time investment. We will see how to architect a Mobile Cloud Application for an Enterprise in a case based approach, What are the characteristics of this application , What are the unique challenges and intricacies that Enterprise brings into the table for Mobile cloud Architectures? What are the best practices that need to be adopted? How we can solve those using AWS or other clouds?

Architecting your Mobile Application for the Cloud

This presentation talks about how to architect mobile applications in the Cloud. Starting with a simplest case it walks you through to an enterprise mobile app running on AWS with integrations to external data centers enjoying the benefits of Cloud Computing such as Scalability and High Availability

Auto scaling using Amazon Web Services

In this article Harish Ganesan,CTO of 8KMiles shares some of the insights on AWS Auto Scaling in following perspectives: Need for Auto Scaling , How AWS Auto scaling can help to handle the various load volatility scenarios ,How to configure an Auto scaling policy in AWS ,Things to remember before Scaling out and down , Understand the intricacies while integrating Auto scaling with other Amazon Web Services ,Risks involved in AWS Auto scaling

AWS Summit 2011: Scale New Business Peaks with Amazon AutoScaling

Watch Harish Ganesan, CTO of 8KMiles present about Amazon Auto Scaling in AWS Summit 2011. The presentation covers common load patterns , difference between traditional and Amazon Auto Scaling, Amazon Auto Scaling Architecture and how to configure it ? benefits and key points to remember while using Amazon Auto Scaling.

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