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Top 9 Security Threats in Healthcare Industry

Major concerns focusing around the healthcare industry are access to care, quality of care, frequency of incorrect medical diagnoses and increasing costs. In order to provide patient-centric services and cut down costs, the healthcare industry started embracing digital technologies, including Cloud, Big Data, IoT and containers. These technologies allow them to create and manage data better, as well as store critical health data more efficiently. Consequently, these organizations have emerged as a prime target for hackers, putting valuable medical data at risk.

2017 was the year when persistent cyber-attacks happened in the healthcare industry. Who will ever forget the WannaCry malware that caused problems to different hospitals all over the United Kingdom? The thing is that this incident is not isolated and that the healthcare industry is known to have the worst cybercrime incidence of all sectors. In fact,the cost of a breach in the healthcare security is $380 per capita. In this article, let’s see the top security threats that the healthcare industry should watch.

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