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Electronic health information exchange (HIE) allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers and patients to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically, thereby improving the speed, quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of patient care. While electronic health information exchange cannot replace provider-patient communication, it can greatly improve the completeness of patient’s records as past history, current medications and other information are jointly reviewed during visits.

Therefore timely sharing of vital patient information can better inform decision making at the point of care and allow providers to avoid readmissions and medication errors and to improve diagnoses and decrease duplicate testing.

We are committed to championing initiatives for interoperability with a view to implement standardization regarding the following aspects:

  • Meaning through the use of standardized healthcare vocabularies
  • Structure by leveraging standards in HL7
  • Transport using secure email protocols
  • Security through National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-adopted encryption standards, and
  • Services through open, and accessible application programming interfaces (APIs)

8Kmiles deploys Community Connect providers into existing hospital and large medical group systems who function in such a way as to improve patient care and minimize cost to implement. Clinical, financial and enterprise reporting is an area of special interest for 8Kmiles. We help you make the right decisions in a timely manner using the right information and data. 8Kmiles offers Custom Application Development and Integration Software Development. We work closely with clients to develop and customize applications that provide strategic benefits and advantage including business differentiation, improved time to market and increased flexibility. We are guaranteed to provide you provide you with the right solution and technology to fulfill your unique business needs. Our developers and testers leverage on their domain knowledge and technical expertise to build customized solutions for our clients.