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  • Are changes in your EHR system frequent and validated?
  • Do you use a Change Management (CM) system to track and monitor such changes?
  • Are you confident that changes in your EHR are compliant with the CM system?
  • Ever feel the need to automate reconciliation across these 2 systems?
  • Is your audit of EHR changes laborious and less than fool-proof?

If you answered ‘YES’ to one or more of the above, you may want to review our ehrRecon tool. ehrRecon, an 8K Miles’ software product, provides you with continuous monitoring of your EHR change management. ehrRecon helps to reconcile actual changes in your EHR system with the intended changes in your change/ticket management system.

Constant changes within EHR system are essential for your organization’s evolution and growth. ehrRecon provides an automated, real-time visibility into the Change Management process that is intended to govern changes within the EHR system.

Besides, this tool provides a very sophisticated and modern visualization layer that would not have been possible without emerging technologies. Towards a management Decision Support System (DSS), a powerful and accurate dashboard can assist you making right decisions without having to require any support from your IT/IS teams. Some examples are:

  • Why does a change to a table within the EHR system take too long?
  • Why are some changes so frequent and repetitive?
  • Have you noticed an analyst making errors too often, or not compliant with the CM tickets that you so meticulously approved?
  • Can you tell who your star performer or analyst in the EHR team?
  • Is there a trend from the build in the past few months that can help you prepare for upcoming challenges?
  • Do you have to perform an audit for a regulatory change? What if that audit is automatic, instantaneous and costs nothing extra?

Not only does ehrRecon let you validate the CM process on the click of a button, it also enables you to drill down to any level of a change that you may be interested to investigate.

Overall, having a tool like ehrRecon not only empowers you and your team stay abreast of all changes an EHR system needs to go thru; it produces many additional byproducts at no additional effort / cost.Best of all, implementation of ehrRecon relies on customized connectivity between your EHR and your Change Management process, making it a perfect match with your organizational environment. Once you implement this, the transparent visibility across EHR and CM process will provide more intriguing ideas that will justify its value in no time.

Benefits of ehrRecon

  • Increases audit coverage to changes within your EHR system
  • Reduces time required for Audit of your EHR system
  • Ensures integrity of pricing master files with claims
  • Institutes user access governance by transparent reporting of all user access changes in your EHR system
  • Reinforces the change management process by comparing actual changes made in the EHR system

Why Should You Try Our Solutions?

  • Zero Effort Monitoring Of EHR Changes
    Automated reconciliation between changes in EHR and corporate Change Management process, all on real-time basis
  • EHR Audit At Your Fingertips
    Planned and/or regulatory changes in EHR are inevitable as your business evolves; manual audit often is neglected and cumbersome. With ehrRecon an audit is merely at the click of a button
  • Improved Transparency
    Visibility of EHR maintenance activities without having to rely on your IT/IS team; drill down to any level as you like to
  • Rich Feature Set
    Interactive graphical reports leveraging latest technology to ensure compliance with the Change Management disciplines
  • Integration With Ticket System
    Ability to customize interface with any Change Management system
  • Truly Custom Solutions
    Quick, customized implementation provides fast ROI and high-valued benefits to users
  • User-Friendly Decision-Support System
    Technologically advanced dashboard presenting a powerful tool to the management; once implemented many creative and innovative analysis may be possible at very little effort