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Secure Your Cloud

Network with AWS

Modernize your cloud experience with AWS Partners who understand how businesses need to grow.

Our managed services support a more diverse and complex portfolio of business applications and technologies, while at the same time balancing competitive business priorities for IT operations and innovation. We can help you with ongoing support and maintenance and also focus on high-quality AWS strategic activities.

8K Miles achieved AWS Premier Partner status, and have had a strategic partnership since 2008. We offer advanced solutions for our customers’ most pressing needs. 8K Miles with our extensive support, your business can use these powerful tools and services without incurring a high cost, and hassle of doing it yourself.

AWS Managed Service Provider

We combine 24-hour AWS support with our quality management platform, so you can use your cloud safely and efficiently. While our certified AWS team will manage your IT infrastructure, you can work on your revenue-generating tasks.

Why 8kmiles for AWS Managed Services

Experience is the core
The solution is designed and managed by AWS certified architects and support engineers. In short, we understand and steer AWS technology so that you can focus on your core operations.
Suitable certified engineers
Our engineers are not satisfied with ready-made solutions when your application demands more. We recommend the right combination of services based on your requirements and budget.
Capable to manage multiple environment
Managing multiple suppliers create multiple vulnerabilities. With AWS dedicated support team combined with an optimized management portal, you can concentrate on work that matters to you.
Infrastructure assessment
We support companies in the systematic introduction of business application technologies, the evaluation of their availability in the cloud and the development of their business cases.
Our Next-gen AWS Managed Services include

The benefits of cloud-managed service providers, and why should you consider them to manage your cloud resources.

Core Competencies

AWS Cloud Managed Services Provider

What are the benefits of AWS Managed Service?

AWS Managed Services offers several key benefits for SMEs and businesses. Because users have comprehensive lifecycle services to deploy, run, and support their infrastructure, it helps:

Better agility

you can quickly react to changes in the market, your customers and take necessary steps that affect profitability and consistency.

Reducing Time Spending

AWS managed services reduce the need to manage infrastructure operations and focus more on the strategic considerations that help your business.

Cost Reduction

AWS Managed Services offers significant cost reduction that can be used to reallocate the capital spent to drive business growth.

Better decision-making

With AWS Managed Services, you can make decisions based on facts and figures, not on guesswork.

With 8K Miles AWS Managed Service Provider, you benefit from exceptional operations and the ability to compete with Fortune 100 companies while benefiting from monitoring, provisioning, automation, and customization of resources managed according to your needs.

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