Taking Your e-Commerce to the Cloud – Strategies to Optimize for High Traffic Demands

This whitepaper will help you build a strategy to address high-demand e-Commerce challenges—such as holiday seasons and product launches—using Amazon Web Services. You’ll learn how to identify the right AWS components for your e-commerce application, take advantage of practical use cases, and prepare for traffic surges.
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8KMiles Cloud Connect 2013- Lock Stock and x Smoking EC2’s

This Slide was presented @ Cloud Connect 2013. Lock, Stock and X Smoking EC2’s was by inspired by Guy Ritchie movies. It describes how we put Amazon EMR + Spot EC2 instances to use for a customer and achieved cost savings while solving a Big Data problem.

Auto scaling using Amazon Web Services

In this article Harish Ganesan,CTO of 8KMiles shares some of the insights on AWS Auto Scaling in following perspectives: Need for Auto Scaling , How AWS Auto scaling can help to handle the various load volatility scenarios ,How to configure an Auto scaling policy in AWS ,Things to remember before Scaling out and down , Understand the intricacies while integrating Auto scaling with other Amazon Web Services ,Risks involved in AWS Auto scaling

AWS Summit 2011: Scale New Business Peaks with Amazon AutoScaling

Watch Harish Ganesan, CTO of 8KMiles present about Amazon Auto Scaling in AWS Summit 2011. The presentation covers common load patterns , difference between traditional and Amazon Auto Scaling, Amazon Auto Scaling Architecture and how to configure it ? benefits and key points to remember while using Amazon Auto Scaling.

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