Our Multi-domain Identity Services Platform (MISP™) is an on-demand platform that extends the capabilities of existing Identity Management (IDM), SSO, and legacy services, allowing customers to establish, scale, and manage their federations and web services.



Take the friction out of federating

Our patented on-boarding service is a low cost solution that takes the friction out of federation. It reduces your OpEx costs and minimizes risks by accelerating your time to business.


As you like it” consumption

Versatile offering that will fit your IT model. MISP™ can be consumed in either a Validation Authority model and Federation Hub model. Either can be customized and delivered  – from the AWS cloud, or on-premise.


Validation Authority model

As an independent 3rd party validation service, we thoroughly test, validate, and certify your partnerships and deliver to you a step-by-step configuration document enabling IT to quickly create the IDP, SP, federation partnership configurations specific to your federation product and protocol.(s)


Federation Hub model

Remove the cost and effort of managing all your point-to-point federations. The Hub takes care of the downstream partner federations.


Ongoing monitoring

Ongoing monitoring keeps an eye on your partners; monitoring federation transactions in real time via our MISP™service.  Any changes to their systems can quickly be identified minimizing any disruption to your production federations.


Endpoint Virtualization

Provides support for multiple virtual ID hub and partner spoke representations ensuring the security and privacy of each customer and their data.


Protocol Agnostic

Supports SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, OpenID, and OAuth.


Multi-IDM Support

Vendor neutral platform (CA, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Open source)

Watch the video to know more about the MISP™platform and its extended capabilities

Use Cases

Reduce cost/effort

Offload the effort-intensive and costly process of federation on-boarding to us

SaaS benefits

Outsourcing the pain of managing your own point-to-point federations to our Hub, consumed as a Service

Quicker time to value

New partnerships can be rapidly tested, certified, and on-boarded through us

Business innovation

Offloading partner federation to us allows your precious IT resources to focus on being innovative to the business


Customer Stories:

8KMiles facilitates user authentication to Visa’s Digital Wallet Service V.me