8K Miles CloudEzTry™, is a Demo/Test environment automation platform built for setting up Demo environment for Software products on all the major clouds.  CloudEzTry™can act as a sandbox platform to test any IT solution and is extremely cost efficient.



Secure Lab

Secure lab utilization – no user can launch the same lab in multiple sessions.


Centralized management

Centralized management console where customers can create, track, stop and manage each and every lab.


Unlimited Access

Green listing users giving override access for specific users and granting unlimited access to the available labs.


Secure Keys

Each lab can be secured via individual security keys. Once the lab is created for the client, every user gets a unique key.


Customized Lab Usage

A lab can be unpublished and published as required by the customer – this ensures streamlined and expected lab usage behavior.


Easy Lab

CloudFormation serves as the back bone for launching and shutting down of lab operations.


Lab Access

Each lab can be configured with detailed access controls and triggers as required at each stage of the lab from initialization, lab launch, lab running, to lab stop.


Security DNA

Security and alerts on each component can be implemented and mapped with specific alerts for actions/groups/individuals along with standardized email templates for each event.

Learn more about Infrastructure Elasticity

Watch this presentation by Harish Genevan CTO to know more on the art of infrastructure elasticity.

Use Cases

Cloud lab

Create your own lab on cloud


Make user registrations, track labs, trigger events and generate report via API’s access from an external system

Testing on Cloud

Sand box platform to test any IT solution

Elastic lab

Customized to your requirement


Customer Stories:

8K Miles has gone out of their way to provide us with excellent support. They are very detailed in their plans and recommended solutions. They are timely and very responsive to our contact. They drive the project forward. Excellent value for the money

– Kit Nevin, ADGA