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When you think Cloud, think 8KMiles. We have the solutions and expertise to help you migrate, manage, and maintain your Cloud infrastructure. Our team is ready to help you Embrace The Cloud – Securely.




EzIAM™ combines the power of a reliable user provisioning and user management solution with the benefits of a hosted, cloud-based deployment model
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Turn-key Security Framework that meets all your security, privacy, compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Allowing pharmaceuticals, healthcare and life science organizations to embrace the cloud securely by providing all the necessary compliance controls and cost benefits.
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Quickly stand up a run-time envoronment customized to meet your needs.
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Improve your CRO experience and bring clarity and visibility to your operations.

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Cloud ID Broker

Secure Identity broker service to manage the identities from applications and offer last-mile SSO options.
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Patented, low cost on-boarding service which takes the friction out of federation.
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Know more about EzIAM our patented solution.